Our Girls

Grand Champion Spice Rack Taylor Taffeta.

“Taffe” has made Scarlet and me so proud. She took the show ring by storm, starting and finishing her Champion the summer of 2015 and then her Grand Champion in the Spring. She is every bit as loving and precious to me as her mom and spoiled rotten as well. Unfortunately, she has doesn’t seem to want to be pregnant but is my heart, soul and forever comforter.  She is my main comforter and brings me peace just by sitting with me.

Grand Champion Spice Rack Surfin’ Safari

“Safari” aka “Far” is elegant and striking. Daughter of the esteemed Brookhaven Believe It or Not “Ripley” (UK 2016 Top Stud Dog, CKCSC, USA 2016 Top Cavalier, 2015 RBIS UK Club Show, English Champion, CKCSC, USA Champion and AKC GCH). Safari is eye catching and carries a dark dark chestnut.  She came out of “COVID” beautifully, finishing her Championship and Grand Championship two weeks later.

Spice Rack Bliss You

“Bliss” is a doll.  She just had her first litter of beautiful babies – she gave us one of every possible combination plus and extra tri-girl.  I will take it!  We expect to show some of these babies in the next year or two keep a look out for them.

Grand Champion Escape the Maze

“Maize”  is the princess of the house.  She prefers to perch on top of the couch and stay out of the riff raff below.  She is also the proud momma of Freddy and Toasty (different litters) and recently finished her Grand Champion post 2 litters.  Our smallest girl and one of the prettiest without a doubt.

Spice Rack Champagne Toast

“Toasty” was born on my sister, Nancy Ballard’s birthday hence her name.  She is out of our Bentley and Maize – no wonder she has that beautiful head!  She has a litter of 5 at her side currently that all look promising!

Spice Rack Bliss’s Little Pistol

”Blistol” is a smitten image of her mom, Bliss.  She also LOVES taking care of her younger siblings.  GOAT sitter!   She is a active and funny beautiful girl.

Spice Rack Reggea

“Reggea” is the home bred beauty queen of the household.  With her gorgeous flowing coat and laid back attitude, she captures everyone’s attention.  At her first show, Spice Rack Reggea who was Best Puppy at the 2016 CKCSC of Centeral AZ Specialty.  Then she was RWB, Best Tri-color and Best Opposite at the Dallas,Texas CKCSC, USA COTW show and Best Tricolor Bitch in Oakland, Ca COTW CKCSC, USA in 2017.  She finished the year in the top 20.  Her favorite thing, outside of dinner time, is mothering any of the babies but unfortunately she has not blessed us with any of her own just yet.

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