Spice Rack Cavaliers

A Family of Cavalier Breeders

In our home, it is rare to find an empty lap – they are almost always filled with a cavalier or TMTC (too many to count)! Cole, my son, and I live in the Phoenix area with our cavaliers. We find the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to be an ideal dog for our household. Known as the “comfort spaniel,” they are lap dogs who are smart, love people and are eager to please, but sturdy enough to engage in play. Like most spaniels, they display sporting characteristics and love to be out and about. Many are quite playful and others prefer to be couch potatoes.

Our Story

In 2012, we earned our Breeder of Merit – the only Cavalier breeder in Arizona to do so with conformation/show dogs and currently showing and breeding. I finished my first dog, CH Spice Rack Anise in 2006. As of early 2023, I have bred and finished (meaning championed) about 20 cavaliers, most of which have moved on to earn Grand Champion Bronze, Silver and Gold Titles. Most are OH (Owner-handled) with many earning top year end rankings. I have bred approximately 20 puppies who have earned other titles…Therapy, Agility, Obedience and such with their owners. Some have titles on both ends (meaning both Championships and Performance titles). My desire is to help good people find great dogs/puppies through knowledge and education thereby preventing them from supporting the sub-standard breeding environments. I want you to enjoy a lifetime of happiness with your puppy – not one filled with frequent, costly vet visits, behaviors and health issues that are not typical of a well-bred Cavalier. The “convenient”, sometimes”, “cheap”, and “well-marketed” options may seem appealing at first, but making a good choice now can prevent a future of heartache and expenses. Please! Take the time now to find a good puppy from a reputable source.

Kelly Collins, DVM

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