Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Spice Rack Cavaliers. We are honored. ┬áThe first step in contacting me is to make sure you have read through the website, most importantly the page titled “How to find a Cavalier”. Then, leave your information and answers to the questions on this page in the form below. I do my best to answer your emails timely but confess I struggle sometimes. It may take a few weeks especially if I am out of town or going through a busy time with my practice. Feel free to resend your email if it has been a few weeks with no reply. I have also had endless issues with my email so sometimes they just disappear. Thank you for understanding!

Please include the following information:

Have you owned cavaliers before?  If yes, tell me a little bit about that.  If no, have you owned dogs before?

Describe you typical week…do you work, are their others in the home…

What do you want in a dog?  Personality, activities…

Anything else you feel is important for me to know.

There has been an overwhelming amount of inquiries over the last handful of years.  I do my best to reply to all applicants but cannot reply to all of them.  I do not keep a waiting list but will start committing puppies once they are born and I have a puppy to place in the near future.

No portion of Spice Rack Cavaliers website may be copied, re-used or quoted in any way without explicit written authorization from the owner.