Contact Us

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Spice Rack Cavaliers. We are honored.  The first step in contacting me is to make sure you have read through the website most importantly the page titled “Find a Cavalier”.  Please email me directly at [email protected].

There has been an overwhelming amount of inquiries over the last handful of years.  I do my best to reply to all applicants but cannot reply to all of them.  I do not keep a waiting list but will start committing puppies once they are born and I have a puppy to place in the near future.

Please include the following answers – short answers are fine but enough to let me know bit about you and your reasons for contacting me:

Name, email, phone number and home city/state.

Have you owned cavaliers before?  If yes, tell me a little bit about that.  If no, have you owned dogs before?

Describe you typical week…do you work, are their others in the home…

What do you want in a dog?  Personality, activities…

Anything else you feel is important for me to know.

    No portion of Spice Rack Cavaliers website may be copied, re-used or quoted in any way without explicit written authorization from the owner.