Retired Champions

Champion Spice Rack Anise.

There is nothing as sweet, gentle, precious and my beautiful first Champion “Anise”. She finished in 2008 and just became a Great Grand Mother on her 9th birthday on Thanksgiving when our Ch Spice Rack Ally’s Tea whelped her first litter on Thanksgiving day. What a special day that was for all of us. She occasionally makes an appearance in the veterans ring just to remind everyone she is my special first girl. She is the forever steady, sweet, simple lover always ready to come sit next to us whenever a quiet moment is needed.

Grand Champion Covington Devign Design

“RaeRae” finished her Championship in 2011 and Grand Champion in 2011 as well. She is the first Cavalier bitch is Az to do so which qualified her for both Eukanuba in 2011 and 2012. She is the proud momma of our Grand Champion Spice Rack Ally’s Tea and Champion Spice Rack Secret Agent Leonardo Di Scorpio and Grandma to Grand Champion Spice Rack Wunderbares Muskatnuss (Nutmeg), Grand Champion Bronze Spice Rack JS Bach (Bach). We simply love her to pieces and owe her so much. RaeRae is spending her retirement phase of life with her great grand daughter, Lulu, and Susan.

Grand Champion Spice Rack Scarlet Rose, ROM

“Scarlet” has been busy with Holly in her retirement life with 2 new titles to add to her name. Holly and she have earned their Certified Therapy Team title with Pet Partners Alliance for Therapy Dogs. Scarlet now has 6 Champion/Grand Champions in her get which has earned her the prestigious title of ROM (Register of Merit for bitches who produced 5 or more Champions). She is another home-breed GCH and is out of Covington Blossom and Rosscrea Tarrantino – a huge thank you to Heidi Mohn for sharing her dogs with me.

Grand Champion Spice Rack Ally’s Tea

“Ally” finished her Championship in 2012 and her Grand Champion in 2013 after whelping two litters. That made her the first and only Bred-by Grand Champion in Arizona for Cavaliers. She now has her own litter of hopefuls and is a smart, wonderful, caring, healthy mom. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Spice Rack Gabriel

“Gabby” has a soul straight from her grandmother, RaeRae and just as sweet as her mom, Ally. She can melt into you and take all your worries away and is a wonderful mother to not only her babies but any in the house. It is wonderful to see a mom playing with her babies but extra sweet to see other one playing with babies that are not even their own. Although Gabby has won a few shows, she really prefers to see her sister (Nutmeg) kick butt at the shows while she gets lots of attention and take on the mothering duties.

Spice Rack Miss Me

“Mimi” is quite the character always looking for a new way to get more attention. She is a wonderful mom to any puppy in the house and shares puppies very well. She is one of the first to greet anyone who comes to visit as long as they are willing to pet her! We joke that her name is “MEME” (not Mimi) because she thinks everything is about “ME!!!”

Champion Spice Rack Stella Hops.

Stella earned her Championship Title in 2011. This one has LOTS of personality and likes to have fun! She is another of our home-bred Champions. She is retired and also living beach side in Southern California with a wonderful family including two boys to keep her entertained.

Spice Rack Desert Sage.

“Sage” made her debut in Palm Spring by taking a Group 1 Puppy in Palm Springs in 2010. Currently she is spends her nights keeping Cole company during the night and waiting for new visitors to rub her belly. She would be an ideal therapy dog…if I just had to time! As a RaeRae daughter, she loves showing, traveling and just about everything that involves being around us and the other dogs.

Champion Spice Rack Secret Agent Leonardo Di Scorpio

“Leo” is co-owned with some wonderful and dear friends, Karen and Jim Grande. Straight out of Rae Rae’s last litter of five boys, he is more squish-able than a soft stuffed animal and gentle as can be. Leo is mellow sole and personable who prefers to have a leader rather than to lead. He lives with Karen, Jim, and Basil (who is happy to take the lead – thank goodness or Leo would wander aimlessly all day.)

Champion Spice Rack Habenero at Cave Creek

“Hovie” is one of Anise’s babies who lives with and is owned by Ken Smith in Cave Creek. His gentle and unflappable nature makes him a great leader of his “herd” of Ken’s boys since finishing Championship in 2009. He is the sire of our amazing Ally and out of Anise.

Champion Spice Rack It’s About Thyme.

“Ty” finished his Championship in 2009 earning his invitation to Eukanuba 2010 and 2011. He is the biggest teddy bear you could ever imagine. No one can give a hug like him and all his beautiful flowing coat. He is out first home-bred Champion boy. He is retired enjoy the life of a family dog.

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